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Welcome to Rang Labs!!

We're an incubator that helps innovators, developers, thinkers, crafters, visionaries, crazy lunatics launch their ideas and realize their dreams. Our team consists of individuals that swim against the current... that march on when others give up... and folks that somehow always find an excuse to succeed.

We believe in one simple philosophy -- Create value in society!! 

We don't define ourselves as "Social" entrepreneurs, yet our companies routinely touch the lives of countless individuals. We don't define ourselves as "Technology" innovators, yet we periodically disrupt the baseline, set a new standard, and then re-define it yet again!

We shun publicity and prefer to meet you rather than feed you with propaganda. We step aside when they take a picture, we keep quiet when everyone wants to talk and we don't drop names -- yet, our presence is deeply sought after and our recommendations are extremely influential when it really counts.

If you're here, chances are you are helping us enable yet another visionary launch his or her dream. Please help us help them in whatever way possible.
If you're a visionary with a crazy idea, congratulations, you now have a new friend in us.

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